• Specialist information

    <Strong>Specialist information</strong>
  • Modern video online practice

    For communication between doctor and patient the most modern online video doctor's office is available. Certified and approved by the health insurance companies.

    <strong>Modern video online practice</strong>
  • Presentation of doctors & clinics Translations

    Doctors present themselves and their practice or clinic in the specialist medical field and introduce themselves to patients.

    <strong>Presentation of doctors & clinics</strong>
  • Publications on prevention and therapy

    The doctor has the opportunity to publish in his medical field and on topics of prevention and therapy.

    <strong>Publications on prevention and therapy</strong>
  • Media:
    Videos & Podcasts

    Experts from medicine and industry share insights about their specialty.

    <Strong>Media:<br>Videos & Podcasts</strong>
  • Medizinische Jobbörse

    Specialized job exchange to find specialized employees in the respective medical department.

    <strong>Medizinische Jobbörse</strong>
  • Aktuelle Entwicklungen

    Aktuelle Entwicklungen zum Thema Cloud, Datenschutz und künstliche Intelligenz

    <strong>Aktuelle Entwicklungen</strong>

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MyAirShield — protection against viruses, bacteria and germs

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